About Fun Factory

You can pick any pair of wings and spiral through the skies, drive race cars that slice through hairpin bends, stand on the inside of a game, hunt and shoot horrific monsters or ride a spine-tingling rollercoaster at the Fun Factory. The gaming center, located on Level II of ETA Mall, promises mind-blowing entertainment through Virtual Reality. And if you like your games more real, there are also bowling lanes, four of them and two advanced cricket lanes. Yes, all inside the air-conditioned comfort of a Mall.

One of the more popular games is racing. The virtual reality car simulators are incredibly immersive. Every player is strapped on with a headset that projects the landscapes and roads and is seated on a freely-moving recliner. You can speed through the hilly tracks and feel every dip and climb. You can experience the thrill and challenge of piloting a plane, when you buckle up, take the controls and soar in the state-of-the-art flight Simulator at ETA Mall. The virtual reality flight simulator lets you take to the skies by using virtual reality goggles.

You can pierce through clear blue sky or stumble through a stormy grey one. Every flight-enthusiast is suspended at 180 degrees over a motion platform and the VR headset is secured and as the simulation begins, it provides an experience similar to gliding through the air. The controls are as close as possible to that in real life. The simulator provides a better experience as you are allowed to 'fly' for a longer period of time than any natural experience like skydiving, bungee jumping or paragliding.